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Time is the essence. Even if you are currently unemployed and have all the time in the world to work on your resume the issue really is how FAST can you reply to a job advertisement?

Lack of feedback When people call you for an interview then you know they are interested in you. When you don’t hear back which is more often the case you are left in the dark. Did you miss to address the requirements for the position? Was the position filled internally? Did you miss out on being called for an interview because your résumé arrived too late? If you really liked the company RING THEM UP to find out at least what happened. Swallow your pride and be diplomatic. Find out if other positions might come up soon and WHO to contact.

Search in cyberspace A way to bypass recruitment agencies is to use search engines to find new positions advertised on company websites.
Type this verbatim marketing "positions vacant" in Google to locate positions advertised deep inside company websites. Obviously replace marketing with the relevant keyword most featured on your own resume. The double quotes are important. They mean the two words positions vacant must be together on the page while marketing may be found floating anywhere for the page to be pulled up in the search.

We are entering 2010 and for older workers (should I say “more mature workers”) it means change is pressing on us ever faster. You may well have used true and tried methods of job searching in the past but today people talk about looking for jobs on See mashable: finding jobs on twitter or See also Dave Taylor: finding jobs on linkedin
What is the best time to answer a job posting? in the past you would think that doesn’t matter but today you have to time your response for the best impact. If like most people you do your job search campaign in the evening and send your emails thereafter you may be lost in the inbox deluge of the recipient. Have you noticed that emails show up with the most recent one at the top of the list?

Would you like your resume to show up at the top of the list in your prospective employer’s inbox? If the answer is yes then hold your fire and send your email precisely at 8:30 am when people get to their desk and check their emails before a day’s work starts. Another good time would be 2:00 pm after lunch if you know the job was posted that morning.

Do it wrong quickly Since you can change your resume at will with Resume Digest EXPERIMENT with different highlight and bio sections.

Be creative in your writing. No matter how you dislike advertising or marketing (I don’t blame you) this is your one time chance in life to sell yourself to the world (Oh no!) and get noticed. If you make a blunder – nobody will tell you and few will know about it so keep trying until you hit something that works.

Good luck – picture yourself where you want to be
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