Top Seven Tips For Great Resume Copy
Resume copy #1 Target your audience

What set of skills are they interested in? What are the hot issues in that industry? Can you spot any new trends underway? Put your ear to the ground and figure out what makes this community tick. Use trade journals, association websites, trade unions and the like.

Resume copy #2 Feature important keywords

Names of leaders in that industry, work titles, software tools, associations, standards.

Review similar job advertisements, check leading companies websites and press releases, trade journals, minutes from seminars, industry blogs, etc…

Resume copy #3 Maximize impact on top third page

With resume digest that’s your highlight section. That’s where the reader’s eyes will rest at first. Interested? They’ll keep on reading. Bored? They’ll move on to the next resume…
Resume copy #4 Do not fool with resume screening software

Stuffing a particular keyword more than enough will work against you – not for you. Plus to a human reader it will look awkward anyway.

Resume copy #5 Put your job descriptions on a diet

Trim off anything redundant, use action verbs. Focus on YOUR achievements.

Resume copy #6 Sell your top skills in a functional resume

Decide who you want to be known as then deliver the evidence. Better come across as a specialist than a jack of all trades.

Resume copy #7 remember the purpose of your resume

It is to get you a seat at the interview table. So keep something close to your chest to be the clincher when you need that extra feature to get you over the line.