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Resume Employers Survey


Applicants with 20+ years experience should only list the last 10 years on their resume.
If salary history is requested in a job posting and the applicant does not include it but is otherwise qualified that person should be called for an interview.
If a bachelor’s degree is called for and the applicant does not have a degree but is otherwise qualified that person should be called for an interview.
If an applicant has a history of job hopping the person should briefly list the reasons on the resume. (downsized, spouse relocated, raising children, etc…)
Personal strengths should not simply be stated but properly qualified. (instead of “committed worker” we would like to read “volunteered overtime to meet critical deadline”)
Detailed descriptions of past job responsibilities should always be included.
Verifiable accomplishments should always be included.
Military service and honours should always be included.
A separate list of references should be included with the initial application.
A resume that is untidy or has typing or spelling mistakes will eliminate an otherwise qualified applicant.
A resume should always contain evidence that the applicant can make your company more competitive, profitable or more efficient whatever the case may be.
If the applicant started a new job in the past 2 months but is looking for another position elsewhere because the current job is not what was represented – the applicant should include this in the resume.
The length of a resume should be kept to one or two pages.