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How to write a resume that stands out
Rarely expect to get a job on compassionate grounds... Employers don’t care whether you need that job more than other candidates. Instead activate everything in your power to bypass your competition.

You can’t afford to send the same CV to every job you apply for. Instead carefully do your resume writing to match the requirements of each job posting you’re going after.

That can take a lot of time so do yourself a favour:
Get an unfair advantage by using this resume service today.

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Resume Digest Advantage

What can Resume Digest do for me?

Resume Digest is a software tool running on this website. You enter your work history and academic records once and the system will roll out a targeted resume for each new position you see advertised. The time you save can be used to apply for more jobs and the subscription you pay is a small investment to get you more productive and beat the other candidates.

What is a resume?

The English language does not have a word of its own to describe a statement of work experience and qualifications. Instead we use the French word résumé meaning “summed-up” (pronounced ‘rezumey). The Latin words curriculum vitae meaning “course of life” are also used (often abbreviated as CV). Practically a resume is your sales brochure on the employment market.

What is the best resume to use?

Since we are all different there is no such thing as a best resume template. Even experts do not agree between themselves. The best resume is the one that can showcase the best you can be in the employment scene.

What should a resume contain?

The two main sections are employment history and academic achievements. At Resume Digest you build your resume from these components: Personal Details, Highlights, Employment History, Education and Bio Data.

How long should a resume be?

A resume should be short and to the point. It is a sales brochure not an auto biography. In the past 2 to 3 pages used to be the norm. Today people read less off a computer screen. Try to fit your resume onto one page unless you are in an academic or research field where lots of references are required.

Can the same resume be re-used for each job?

The 80/20 rule of job hunting states that 20% of people bother to specifically match their resume to the requirements listed in the job advertisement. As a result they grab 80% of the jobs on offer.

How to write a resume with little or no
experience or qualifications?

List any work you have done as a volunteer or achievements in sport, etc… Any character trait that can be demonstrated and leveraged in the workplace will boost your chances. Don’t forget to say why you want that job. Show some interest in the company by researching what they do and how they do it better than their competitors.