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Will you make it to the short list?

One size fits all doesn't cut it anymore in a competitive marketplace. You have to customise your resume for each job advertisement you're applying for.

Each employer is looking for specific skills which you have to demonstrate. Unsubstantiated claims may cause your application to be discarded.

The irony is that people like Bill Gates may never get hired by today’s Microsoft because candidates profiling is very unkind to an entrepreneurial spirit.

Recruitment agencies are trained to look for the negatives in order to thin down a pile of 50 or 100 applicants to a short list of 5 or 10. The lack of a particular keyword will cause you to be classified as ‘sub-prime’.

The original resume format as a chronological employment history is fine if you’ve only been 5 years in the workplace but as you advance in maturity some gaps and changes of direction will appear.

This type of resume will expose you bare like through a police interrogation. What you want instead is something that puts your best foot forward to arouse the employer’s interest and be called for an interview.

There comes Resume Digest. It is a tool that takes your historical employment history, assigns keywords to each position you’ve held and produces a more suitable sales brochure of yourself. Recruiters use software to build databases of resumes and pull up candidates with a given profile if they can. It’s about time candidates also catch up with technology and use it to their advantage.

We’ve not talking about lying or fudging things because you will get undone at the interview if you do. But it is your best interest to prioritise your work experience and highlight key skills in a way that makes you the wanted one rather than the discarded one.

Recruiters are flooded with half baked applications which don’t stand a chance of making it to the shortlist because people didn’t bother to match their skills with what the employer is after.

Resume Digest features

  • Prioritize your assignments
    By order of relevance
  • Display your jobs duration
    Rather than start and end dates
  • Skills Report
    Tally of all keywords listed by decreasing time applied
  • Titles Report
    Tally of all positions held by decreasing tenure
  • Gaps Report
    Highlights overlaps and gaps people may pick in your work history
  • PDF Output
    The document cannot be tampered with
  • HTML Output
    To paste into MS Word and further manipulate the layout, etc...
  • Backup/Reload
    Keep and reuse as many versions as you need (paid subscription only)
Once you open your account you can play with the samples provided to take Resume Digest through its paces or you can start work on your own resume straight away. You are granted 7 grace logins for this purpose.

You will also be able to contact other members of the Resume Digest community and share advice and tips with others.
There are 3 subscriptions available:
3 months
6 months
12 months
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    (*) Best Value

Resume Digest takes the following blocks of information as input:

Personal Details

This is where you put mundane information that identifies you. These days you should not include anything that determines your sex, age, marital status, religion or ethnic background.


This is your one line slogan that will get recruiters to read on or discard your resume.

Employment History

We take a chronological list of your employment records together with start/end dates, title, keywords and a short paragraph of your accomplishments in each role.


These are your credentials - both academic and ongoing professional courses.

Bio Data

Your last chance to tell about yourself in a free form format.


Resume Appraisal Service

As a special bonus to our paid-up subscribers we offer a resume appraisal service. It will be comforting to know that after all your labour there is someone you can consult in confidence to give you a second opinion.

Background - Features - Data - Appraisal